Unvented hot water Shoreham

Have you ever considered upgrading to mains pressure hot water? 

Main Pressure Hot Water Solutions have been available in the UK since 1986. They come in variety of shapes and sizes, with some pre-plumbed & ready to plug & play. The latest models are available as little as 90ltr to a grand 500ltr at domestic levels. Many in the UK suffer from low pressure & poor flow but with a Home Boost Pump or Mains Boost Accumulator these obstacles can easily be overcome. 

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Are you looking for a one stop heating solution that includes your boiler, cylinder & controls? Then look no further than Vaillant with their unrivalled support, multiple boiler styles, cylinder & control options

Gledhill have been at the forefront of hot water innovation since 1926. Gledhill Unvented Cylinders come in a variety of sizes & depending on your current system design these can be Direct, Indirect & in either the standard Vertical or Horizontal if lack of space is an consideration 

Is this your "Ideal" Cylinder?

An "Ideal" choice when coupled with a an Ideal system boiler & Ideal controls package

HomeBoost will increase the incoming mains water supply to your home by up to 12ltr a min. It recognises when pressure & flow are low & quietly boosts supplies to your kitchen & bathrooms

An Accumulator is designed to increase your hot & cold water stability by storing water ready for distribution across your property in equal measure