Help for heating Shoreham

At Warm Zone we strongly believe that saving clients money is one of our priorities, so detailed below are some useful self help videos

Pressurising your Glow-worm boiler

This simple video will guide you through the process of how to repressurise your Glow-worm appliance.

This video covers the following boilers:

Using a MiSet from Glow-worm

This video guide will help you to make the most of your existing MiSet Control. 

The Climapro2 is brilliant in its simplicity. The main interface is a treasure trove of energy efficiency. Link this to the RF Weather Sensor & you could save yourself up to 25% on your annual heating bills.

sensoCOMFORT from Vaillant

The latest heating innovation from Vaillant comes the sensoCOMFORT heating control. This video guide will help you fine tune your smart control, so you can feel warmth when you need it the most.

If none of the videos above are of any help please Get in touch to arrange a service call appointment