Smart heating Shoreham

Smart Heating Controls

Heating just got smarter. In an age where the conscious use of energy is more important than ever, we’re proud to be pioneering the change in the south east, with plenty of solutions to save energy, pennies and even improve your health - all through heating your home more efficiently. 

Smart heating controls can automatically adjust your heating according to your usage... The sensoComfort is the latest in smart heating innovation...

Enjoy the ability to separate each floor of your house, avoiding overspend on gas or electric. Only heat the part of the house you’re using...

Manage your energy usage efficiently by installing a small outdoor sensor that adjusts the system controls to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature automatically...

No more coming home to a chilly house - The Nest heating controls can be accessed via any wifi enabled smartphone/app...

The Stats

Weather Compensation

Weather compensation sensors can save you 10-25% off your annual energy bill

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats will save you 20-30% off your annual energy bill

Reduce CO2

Smarter heating not only saves you money, it also reduces your enviromental inpact