The Future of heating

Current government legislation allows for the installation of natural gas boilers in domestic houses where a natural gas boiler currently exists. The long term use of Natural Gas is not sustainable, so there are trials currently taking place across the country looking at ways to reduce our reliance on this fossil fuel. There is no need to rush out & replace your efficient boiler with an expensive heat pump as the costs of changeover just do not currently add up. 

As Heat Pump become more mainstream, reduce in physical size, & become more affordable; they may at that point be a more sensible alternative option.

The Gas industry is currently working on a number of long terms project with the aim to replace our network of natural gas pipes with upgraded systems designed to carry Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a clean alternative to methane (also known as natural gas). It's the most abundant chemical element, estimated to contribute 75% of the mass of the universe. 

Many of the newer boilers available to fit today carry the H2 badge meaning they are ready to accept a mix of natural & hydrogen gas.