Experience real energy saving features with a warm floor beneath your feet. Let us show you how a modern Underfloor Heating system works and how it could cost you less than you might think.


How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating system work by pumping temperature controlled warm water through a network of pipes beneath a finished floor. The heat is maintained by thermostats to optimise a comfortable temperature throughout the property.

Cost savings

Underfloor heating is designed to work more evenly than traditional radiator based systems; as they use water at a lower temperature. Your new or current boiler will therefore operate more efficiently.

Multi zonal heating

With the introduction of smart controls you can now control more than one zone of your house. With the Vaillant VRC700 range of heating controls, the radiators upstairs and the underfloor heating downstairs can be maintained separately on individual thermostats and via your smart phone.

Flooring options?

With underfloor heating you have several finish floors to choose from. With our partners at Floor Care Solutions we can prepare for you a beautiful polished concrete floor, or if you prefer something a little more traditional then talk to the experts at Affordable Flooring. They will guide you through all your options including engineered wood or modern designs like luxury vinyl tiles.



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