Smart heating

Heating just got smarter. In an age where the conscious use of energy is more important than ever, we’re proud to be pioneering the change in the south east, with plenty of solutions to save energy, pennies and even improve your health - all through heating your home more efficiently. 

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Smart heating systems


Internet enabled heating

Heating systems that are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, MiGo or vSmart - more just give the instructions from the couch!

Smart heating controls

No more coming home to a chilly house - our smart heating controls can be accessed via any wifi enabled smartphone/app.

Weather compensation sensors

Manage your energy usage efficiently by installing a small outdoor sensor that adjusts the system controls to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature automatically. 

Boiler Plus compliant controls

Boiler Plus is a set of standards implemented in April 2018 that aim to improve the way we use energy in their homes by giving a greater choice on how to maximise energy efficiency. We are able to consult on all areas of these recommendations.

Multizone heating systems 

Enjoy the ability to separate each floor of your house, avoiding overspend on gas and only heating the part of the house you’re using.


The stats


Weather compensation


Weather compensation sensors can save you 10-30% off your annual energy bill.

Smart thermostat


Smart thermostats will save you 20-30% off your annual energy bill

Reduce CO2


Smarter heating not only saves you money, but also reduces environmental impact.


Benefits of smart heating


Save money

Using our smart heating technology you can expect to save 25% on your heating bills annually.

Stay healthy

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is important for health, our smart heating monitors the weather outside to ensure your thermostat is spot on.

Help the environment

Our smart controls reduce unnecessary energy usage - helping not only your bank account but also the environment.



From repairs to replacement - we’ll keep things in tip-top condition

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Central heating

Radiator flushing to full installations - it’s enough to warm your cockles!


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